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Coronavirus & continuing to work

James Lee Flooring LTD are continuing to work as per the government guide lines on distancing and PPE after a period of 14 days of lockdown with no Covid-19 symptoms


We will ask that no contact between workers and clients take place unless totally necessary.(Example, high security jobs where signing in and out of commercial sites) 

A comprehensive list of measure below will help to stop the spread of the disease and protect staff and clients

  • You and your family stay in a separate room away from staff or vacate the property

  • Rooms must be empty and furniture must be removed prior to workers on site

  • Contactless entry into property

  • Staff will be in protective PPE

  • No staff will be allowed to work if ANY of the Covid-19 symptoms are present

  • All staff must have been in lockdown for a period of 14 days with no symptoms before returning to work.

Thank you for your cooperation in these challenging times

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