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Bona oiled floor spray cleaning kit

Bona oiled floor spray cleaning kit

The Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop gives you just the same professional quality, streak free clean as our standard Spray Mop. But this one comes with a cartridge of cleaner optimised for cleaning wood floors that have been treated with oil.  

Choose this mop if you have oiled wood floors to give them a clean, beautifully enriched surface.   Keep your floor dusted/vacuumed regularly and use your Spray Mop as required - for daily spot cleaning and for an all over clean when required.

  • Kit includes

    Spray Mop
    Refillable Oiled Floor Cleaner Cartridge (0,85 litre)
    Microfiber Cleaning Pad, washable up to 300 times


    • Quick drying, streak-free result
    • Refillable cartridge
    • No batteries required!
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