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Professional Services


Flooring Experts

James Lee Flooring LTD has been providing professional dust free floor sanding and restoration work for well over a decade. We have become a trusted household name with repeat business and customer recommendation providing the majority of our work.

From small hallway floors in a domestic environment to restoring floors in commercial properties such as Historic Palaces and Schools, we treat every job with the upmost professionalism.

Dust Free

We use only the best industrial flooring equipment to provide a safe dust free environment. Our clients will always mention days of when they have had a go at sanding a wood project or floor using DIY rental machines and say how dusty things were when finished and "how things have changed", but the truth is, professionals have been using HEPA rated dust extractors for the last two decades. A machine set up even on a small domestic property will cost in excess of £20k.

Floor Polishing & Maintenance 

From time to time floors get dull and patchy. By having your floors professionally cleaned and polished you can bring your floor back to life without sanding the floor back to bare wood.


A great alternative to floors that are nearing the end of their life.

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