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Granwood Flooring - Turner Free School, Tile Kiln Lane, Folkestone, Kent, CT19 6DT

The Granwood flooring restoration project at Turner Free School in Folkestone presented a unique set of challenges and required meticulous planning to ensure its success. Spanning over a 5-day period and covering an expansive area of more than 250 square metres, this project demanded precise coordination and timing. The Granwood flooring itself featured a distinctive white colour with intricate black decorative markings, adding an extra layer of complexity to the restoration process. To further complicate matters, there were tight timescales in place, as the construction company working on-site had to synchronise their efforts with ours to complete the project before the school's opening. In the face of these challenges, our team's dedication to health and safety remained unwavering, ensuring the well-being of all involved while delivering a successful restoration of the Granwood flooring, contributing to the school's readiness for its grand opening.

Please have a look below at some of the photos we took whilst undertaking this Granwood floor restoration

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